obviously I am not posting as regularly as I’d like to. So probably I will be relaunching this site at some point in time as a relatively static micro site. Probably until then I won’t post anymore. 


Chaotisch war’s und arbeitsam das letzte halbe Jahr. Unter anderem ist irgendwann bei einem WordPress-Update das umgestrickte Theme nicht mehr mitgekommen und hat einiges an Problemen gemacht. Derweil ich derzeit (Seit Juli) kein privates Festnetz-Internet habe komme ich leider nicht dazu, das zu fixen. Darum habe ich jetzt mal ein stock-Theme eingespielt, aber das ist wenigstens noch kompatibel. Auch das Multilingual-Plugin ist noch nicht voll kompatibel mit WordPress 4. Sieht so aus, als bräuchte diese Seite im Winter mal einen Relaunch…

Sollte also etwas nicht ganz sauber passen – nehmt es mir nicht übel. Ich arbeite dran.



What a crazy half a year. One of the things that happend was the individual theme of this wordpress breaking away beneith me after an update to WordPress itself. As I do not have landline internet at home since end of July I sadly never came around to relaunch or even fix this thing. So now I have replaced the theme with a stock one. Hopefully I will get around relaunching this winter…

So if anything does not work perfectly please bare with me.

Got a job!

Finally it has happened! For about a week by now I got a great job as application programmer for the web. And it is right next door.

All that’s left is to hope the probation time runs smoothly and we got ourselves a nice place to stay.

Master finished

Done! Last monday I had the colloquium of my master thesis. This, as I totally rocked it, means I got the last big step at the university behind myself. The examination office’s software already lists the grade and certifies me an average grade of 1.29 over the course of all my master studies. Let’s hope the degree certificate gets done in time for the Making Games Talents in Hamburg!

Master thesis is on the printer’s desk!

It is done! My master thesis lies on the printer’s desk and next week it will be brought from there to the examination office. I’ve been working on this for about 3/4 of a year. It feels really good! Now there are new tasks ahead: prepare for the live as a working person, prepare application papers (including this neat site – the new server is awesome!), scout potential employers, etc. Oh, and in between in about 6-10 weeks there is the defence of my thesis, but I do not see a problem there.

In the meantime I am pretty much looking forward what the GamesCom will bring, as I will be there, talking to some people, hopefully. Maybe we will meet there?
Errata: it lies in the examination office.

Welcome to my new site

Finally I managed to port my site from that buggy old free server to a proper web server.

So feel like home and tell me if something goes wrong, due to the transfer.

Master Arbeit begonnen

Finally the day has come. Not too long ago I received a letter, telling me the application of my master thesis titled “Generative Music Scoring for Interactive Entertainment Software” was successful and that I have to be finished by the 24th of June 2013. (post scriptum: I got a delay until the 26th of August.)

Handing in the application had one major implication for me: I had to hitch up my knickers and start working. So I built PureData code like crazy, tried C-extensions (and got rid of it after it started remembering me of the C-desaster in my bachelor report) and finally got stuck on Python which I really love by now. Now I continue to code like there is no tomorrow and by now arrived at the point where I implement music theory that I never have heard of before.
So basically I see everyday what I conjectured all the time before. “This topic has some epic span!”
I’d like to illustrate this with an everyday screenshot of my work:

screenshot of my thesis coding

This topic spans wide (right-click and choose “open link in new tab” if you want to read it)

So this means keep the foot on the gas and I will tell you if something interesting happens again!


I recently noticed I forgot to post a wonderful piece I made this summer:
Burned Dragon

I thing I should do something alike next summer!

Besides that… I moved, as my Facebook-friends already know. Other than that little changed. Thesis not registered, yet…

Dive wettet auf “The Crucifier”

The worksome beast has drawn again! This time I gave a try to a multy-layered scene with complex lighting. Here is how I did it:

First I made a rough sketch based on multiple references.

Then I “inked” it more careful and added the Iron Shamrock pin – thanks for this neat piece.

To achieve more depth I blurred the fighters a little and the rear cage wall a lot using a gaussian blur.

Next up is the colouring. Please note that I did not make an effort of putting the fighter and wall colours into separate layers so I could not blur them afterwards. So I drew them blurred in the first place. The rear is a simple gradient to hint the ceiling lights.

Then comes my personal favourite: The monochrome lighting. This is where I start really thinking about the space and the spacial distribution of the scene and the relation of objects and light sources.

In this specific sujet there is also coloured lighting. In this case the red glowing cyber eyes of the Night Horror bookmaker.

After the light there is the hair. By now I hate myself for the idea of adding a fibre glass & latex hairstyle to a char I want to draw over and over again. As usual I use two prepared tools for this. The hair is done by a basic brush, the bands by a CS5 paintbrush simulation. And the colour is made by fading between two shades of green using the Intuos Airbrush Stylus’ scroll wheel.

The hair also needs scene lighting.

In this scene the hair itself also is a light source – thanks to the fibre optics. Firstly I add specular reflections to Dive’s glasses and the metallic face of the Night Horror as well as their clothing. Also there is some light shed onto the nearby rail.

Then I add the diffuse lighting.

Finally I add some gloom as a sort of overbright. This shows even more of the glow. Also I add a vignette to give the picture a sort of frame.

I also had another Project going. This is Dive’s collegue Hiss who sings in his Band. She is a heavily SURGEd female human, which means that in her puberty some animal-DNA awoke in her body and made it’s appearance in the phenotype.
I made it in my A5 sketchbook using different pencils.

Dive in Pain – neues Charakterbild

I swore myself to draw a picture for every playing session of my current Shadowrun Group. We did our first session and I did my first image! I’ts also my first character-image done in photoshop featuring a background drawn by myself.

As usual this also is available on DeviantArt in a higher Resolution.

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